The tourist ticket you must buy it in advance because the maximum capacity to enter Machupicchu is 2500 people per day.

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You can book a return trip or one way to the Sanctuary of Machupicchu.



To get to Machupicchu your starting point should be the City of Cusco. From there you can take the train to one of the following stations:

- Poroy district (20 minutes from the city of Cusco)

- Ollantaytambo-Sacred Valley (60 minutes from the city of Cusco)

To get to the stations mentioned above you must take a taxi or bus. The nearest station that is Ollantaytambo leaves you in 1:45 min. In Machupicchu Pueblo.              Once you arrive you can take the bus to the Sanctuary of Machupicchu (25 min.) Or do some exercise and climb it on foot in 1:30 min. Where you will enjoy the places that offer the eyebrow of the jungle.


This route reaches 4200 msnm, one has the opportunity to go by the Inka trail to get to Machupicchu through the door of the Sun. There are different versions of the tour but the tourism agencies in the majority offer 4 days and 3 nights that consists Of 40 km. Of course. The fourth day we visit Machupicchu. Reservations are due in advance because they only admit 500 visitors per day; It starts at km 82, near Ollantaytambo.


This route is very flexible. Everything begins by taking a bus to Santa Maria at the Grau Av. Bus terminal, this trip lasts 6 hours approximately, the second stretch lasts 1 hour and you have several taxis at your disposal to Santa Teresa, once there you can take a mobility And arrive in 30 min to the Hydroelectric or to walk that will take you 2 to 3 hours. Once in the hydroelectric station you can take the train that takes half an hour or make the trip on foot (2 hours) following the rail towards Machupicchu Pueblo that by the way has some beautiful landscapes.


This route is an alternative to the Inka road and is perfect for those who did not reach a spot on the Inca trail. This road of 5 days and 4 nights has a breathtaking view to the snowy mountains and you must be more prepared than the classic road because of its greater difficulty and its final stop is Aguas Calientes where you can ascend towards Machupicchu.


Choquequirao is an archaeological center located at the top of the Apurimac Canyon, in a geographic zone between the Andean mountains and the jungle eyebrow. The trail lasts 8 days and 7 nights and passes through different altitudes, combining the most beautiful Andean landscapes and you arrive at Machupicchu via Santa Teresa.

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