We are a family that every day is experiencing new challenges to satisfy our visitors, the Company was formed by a couple whose challenge was announced as GRUPO INTI and their dreams are to expand to new Lands in Peru; To satisfy the visits and friends of everyone to know their beautiful land.


The worldwide recognition of our cultural heritage has created a responsibility in us to grow according to the demand of our visitors and we are committed to evolving day by day, in the constant search for assertive solutions to put them at the service of our users in the different Such as accommodation, food and complementary services. It is our commitment:

Provide our services and that these are consistent with the expectations of our users, making sure to exceed those expectations.

Establish a permanent training mechanism for our employees, so that they can feel their own professional growth, and provide better and better services.

Cumplir con los objetivos trazados por los gestores de nuestro Grupo, y satisfacer sus expectativas empresariales.


Constitute ourselves in an important part of the productive apparatus of our region, developing a management that constitutes us as a chain of hotel services and of important AA and BB, that projects confidence to our users, collaborators, suppliers, and the society that surrounds us.

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